ClassicThe Revolt by Clara Dupont-Monod

The Revolt by Clara Dupont-Monod


This is an astonishing read, pure epic medieval historical fiction bursting at the seams with love, war and political subterfuge. Dupont Monod achieves more in under 200 pages than most authors do with thousands, there is not a superfluous word to be found. If you are a die hard fan of this genre like me this is one you will absolutely devour. 

The Revolt tells the story of the 12th Century queen of France and England, Eleanor of Aquitaine. Eleanor is a force to be reckoned with, vividly brought to life by her son Richard Lionheart, our narrator. Calling her sons to arms against her husband Henry Plantagenet, this felt like a precursor to Wolf Hall (could there be any higher praise) with a Shakespearean feel. 

Utterly effortless, with such a delicate and lyrical prose I genuinely adored this book, exquisitely translated from the original French. And what a cover. Thank you @quercusbooks@ellakroftpatel for our copies.

~ Chaya.

As someone who tends to avoid historical fiction (don’t hate me!) I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this one. I think it was a combination of the fact that this story isn’t one I have ever touched upon in any significant way and that it is crafted so beautifully. I particularly enjoyed the section After the Revolt, told from Eleanor’s perspective. For history that is hundreds and hundreds of years old, there is something about Dupont-Mond’s Eleanor that seemed remarkably contemporary and, for a rather slim book, I’d say this one packs a mighty punch.

~ Sophie.

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