ContemporaryThe Sentence by Louise Erdrich

The Sentence by Louise Erdrich


This book shouldn’t work but is it any surprise coming from Pulitzer Prize winning author Louise Erdrich? A multi-faceted story that begins as a zany crime caper which then turns into a paranormal ghost story mixed with the horrors of police brutality, the effects of a pandemic whilst also exploring love, redemption, friendship, Native American culture and mysticism. Somehow it all fits together.

At the centre is a bookstore which was my favourite element, this is a novel packed to its spine with other books and the transformative impact of literature on people that helpfully provides its own syllabus at the end in the form of a list of the main protagonist favourite books by genre (swoon).

Shortlisted for this years @womensprize I can’t think of another title quite like this. By the end I was genuinely bereft to be without the characters created ~ C

The Sentence was my first foray into the world of author Louise Erdrich and I have to say, I was bowled over by her writing; above all, her creation of complex, multi-layered characters who feel entirely human. Tookie — I bloody love you!

Blending the supernatural and the contemporary, I so enjoyed this one. Tookie, a former prisoner, has now moved on in her life. She runs a bookstore (based, I believe, on Erdrich’s store in real life,) and in so many ways, books have saved her (who can relate?!) When a former customer who dies suddenly begins to haunt her, things take a paranormal and compelling turn.

What stood out for me in this unique story were two key elements; the exploration of Native American traditions and culture and Erdrich’s beautiful handling of the Coronavirus pandemic, which I think will stand out as an example to authors and readers everywhere ~ S

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