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The Small Hand by Susan Hill


This Halloween, I give you The Small Hand. Written by Susan Hill, author of The Woman In Black (have you seen it on stage?! I *still* get nightmares!) The small hand in these pics is courtesy of my littlest girlie, Alice so thanks my darling for that

Hill is brilliant writer of all things spooky but I must admit I fell for this one when I saw this cover, my jaw dropped because it’s just *so* damn pretty. And I was in my favourite place on Earth, the one and only @shakespeareandcoparis so I also got me one of their super special stamps.

Adam Snow is an antiquarian book dealer. When he takes a wrong turn on the way back from a client, he stumbles upon an old house and he can’t resist a further look. He stands in the gardens and that’s when he feels it — a small hand, creeping gently into his own.

What begins as something as haunting but, let’s call it manageable, soon turns into something alarming and quite frankly, horrible. And it makes for a damn good SPOOKTACULAR read.

What are you all reading this Halloween?! Wishing you a fabulous one, full of more treats than tricks ~ S

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