CrimeThe Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman


Alright folks it’s Thursday and tonight it’s Murder Club. You all know our trepidation when it comes to hyped books and I cannot think of one more universally popular this year. @misterosmanhas smashed records, featuring on the best seller list for hardback and paperback simultaneously which is basically unheard of. The execution (get it) of this book has been flawless, from @mushenska to the editing and campaign which has also won awards. 

It’s been relatively quiet on the old grid as the summer holidays are in full swing and our children demand snacks every five minutes. We cannot wait to chat about life and our very different thoughts on this book so be sure to look out for our IGTV Review tonight. There will be alcohol.

Ad: PR Copies ~ Thank you so much to Ellie Hudson and Olivia Mead at Penguin for sending us our copies.

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