The Transgender Issue by Shon Faye


The liberation of trans people would improve the lives of everyone in our society’ reads the opening line of Shon Faye’s Transgender Issue. Indeed, throughout this book, Faye explains — and shows us — exactly how. Exploring the experiences of trans people of all ages across Britain and beyond, she paints a picture of what it truly means to live as trans today. 

Packed to the brim with data and case studies, this wasn’t an easy read. There are, though, a number of stats that will stay with me: whilst there have been countless stories or trans men and women who apparently regretted aspects of their physical transition, the satisfaction rate is reportedly 94% versus the 28% for elective cosmetic surgeries. 

Faye is more than a fiercely talented writer; she’s a voice that makes us hear how trans liberation is about more than the trans community; it will lead to a happier, freer world for us all.

– Sophie

I feel like my brain expanded, my insight broadened whilst reading every page of this book. An instant bestseller, it is a socialist call to action, arguing that for there to be true equality for all, the focus of the trans and LGBT+ community needs to be on broader socio-economic issues, fighting against capitalism and inherent misogynist stereotypes. 

It is dense, meticulously researched and passionate, countering the alarmist, sensationalist rhetoric pervading the media and press. Analysing a multitude of factors, from age, class, work, housing, family, healthcare and the state, Faye considers the place and challenges of the trans community, including within the LGBTQ arena which I found particularly fascinating. 

Beyond the statistics, research and thesis of the author, for me the innate strength emanated from the powerful anecdotes, both from @shonfaye and others which added so much to the prose. In a world of electronic echo chambers, I have always felt it critical to read many perspectives from differing positions and I gained a tremendous insight into the historic and present challenges that face transgender people.

– Chaya

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