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To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee


Okay guys, confession time: I have *never* read this book. I don’t know what that says about me but we are where we are. So, no. It’s not my favourite but I appreciate that for many, it’s their all-time best book EVER.

One of my absolute favourites is A Little Life by @hanyayanagihara — anyone with me? That book totally blew me away and this week, when I tried to purchase tickets for the theatre adaptation for a special occasion I was near bereft to discover that I’d left it way too late: no tickets remaining. 

What else to do? To Kill a Mockingbird is on and I’ve heard good things so I booked it, much to my husband’s delight (he also loved this one).

The question, then, is that age old one… do I read the book before I see it?! My gut tells me yes but if I do will I be disappointed?! If I don’t, I could literally be one of the only people who haven’t read it to see it on stage!

What do you think — let me know.

Happy Friday, folks. Have a good one ~ S 

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