FictionTo Paradise by Hanya Yanagihar

To Paradise by Hanya Yanagihar


The book we’ve been waiting for, on every must read books of 2022 list is published today internationally. We were so thrilled to receive a limited edition proof copy, thank you so much Emma at @bookbreakuk and @picador 

A Little Life is a wildly popular book that we read and adored, one that profoundly moved us and took us on a visceral emotional rollercoaster that is hard to explain (though if you’ve read it, you will absolutely know what we mean. If you haven’t please check out the trigger warnings before reading). 

Now Hanya Yanagihara is back with a novel that one of us thinks is best described as a complete experience, rather than a typical read. The other is really not sure how she feels! 

Three stories in one, all connected but all distinct, this is a work of art in its complexity and the multi-layered language of the author’s storytelling. Powerful, all-encompassing, thought-provoking, it will keep your mind whirring until the very last page — page 700 to be precise — after which you might need to sit in silence and take stock (one of us most definitely did!)

Watch our video chat which as usual will be completely spoiler free to hear what we thought!

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