ContemporaryUnderbelly by Anna Whitehouse

Underbelly by Anna Whitehouse


We have got an absolute treat for you this month. From our brilliant, powerhouse of a couple @mother_pukka and @matt.farquharson Underbelly was published a few weeks ago to wide acclaim, making the bestseller lists instantly. We have only seen gushing reviews, it’s popularity confirmed by a trusted source (aka a bookseller we harass) at our local @waterstones which only had one copy left from a large order! We cannot wait to get started, buy this immediately and read along with us! 

At the end of the month we are going to be joined by @mother_pukka for our bibliochat which is immensely exciting – she is casually presenting on @thisisheart and has a new show on @channel4 so we are thrilled to have made it to her packed schedule. Check out the explosive synopsis below:

[n.] singular

The soft underside or abdomen of a mammal.
An area vulnerable to attack.
A dark, hidden part of society.

Lo and Dylan are living parallel lives, worlds apart. 

Lo is the ultimate middle-class mother, all perfectly polished Instagram posts and armchair activism. 

Dylan is just about surviving on a zero-hours telemarketing job from her flat, trying to keep food on the table.

But when they meet at the school gates, they are catapulted into each other’s homes and lives – with devastating consequences . 

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