CrimeVerity by Colleen Hoover

Verity by Colleen Hoover


Confession time. I’m the person in the cinema that has read the full plot. I absolutely will flick to the end of a book initially so I can observe how the plot unfolds in a relaxed fashion. This is me, I stand by my life choices. 

I went to the end of Verity about three chapters in, the sense of foreboding and unease was that palpable, my need to know what happened so great. Monumentally popular (referred to as a phenomenon with nearly half a million reviews on good reads) this has just been re-released in the UK from prolific author @colleenhoover by @littlebrownbookgroup_uk– thanks for my copy & cool Verity diary guys!

A psychological thriller which is propulsive, gripping and at times terrifying it comes with adult trigger warnings containing many graphic scenes & subjects. Struggling writer Lowen Ashleigh is contracted to complete the remaining books of an author currently seriously injured and whose family have experienced horrific tragedy. She bonds with husband Jeremy, uncovering Verity’s autobiographical writing and the narrative is interspersed with chapters from this memoir.

This is not my normal genre, I think I may have a stomach ulcer from stress but I must applaud Hoover for how deftly she builds an underlying trepidation that was so consuming. “Rebecca meets Gone Girl” it is twisted, shocking, dark, incrementally building pace and BOY THE ENDING. 

In my usual cynicism I really did approach this sceptical of the huge hype but that fell away within minutes. It is highly commercial, the writing is accessible and to the point, with twists that may leave you with whiplash. This isn’t a dense literary text but pure unadulterated tension appealing to a huge range of readers. 

Hoover is known for It Ends With Us amongst her many other books which we reviewed as part of a look at TikTok books trending worldwide. Verity is a departure from her romance/ya form and it stands testament to her skill as a writer that she achieves that innate suspenseful quality. 

Guys if you have read this please can you let me know because I need to talk. Thanks again to Little Brown for the book, diary & associated palpitations.

~ Chaya


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