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Wahala by Nikki May


It’s a tough one for me to admit but my reading pace has slowed down big time as of late. Consumed with writing, I sometimes find it hard to do both. I just finished Cormac McCarthy’s The Passenger — mind blowing but it took me aaages. So, next, I decided I wanted something a little lighter and I’m so glad I picked Wahala.

Set in London, it’s the story of three Anglo-Nigerian friends; Ronke, Boo and Simi. All in their thirties, they are in very different places in their lives. 

Ronke is dating Kayode, who her friends don’t trust. Boo is married to Didier, with one daughter, struggling with the juggle of being a working mum. And Simi has a long distance marriage —her husband in NYC is keen for them to have a baby soon. And she… well, she isn’t.

When a fourth woman, Simi’s childhood friend, the wealthy and super glam Isobel is thrown into the mix, you can sense the trouble — Wahala — on the horizon.

I’m really enjoying this one so far — whose read it?? What did you think? ~ S

P.S. it’s out now in gorgeous paperback

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