Chaya & Simon: War And Peace Read-along Chat

Bibliochat: War and Peace Read-along Chat

Firstly: this video took approximately 100 hours to load and 30 attempts. If this ever does make it onto our grid I will be thrilled. #instragram not all of us want 15 seconds reels all of the time! What happened to the joy of a long and languid chat eh?

Join Simon from @footnotes.and.tangents and I for a discussion on all things War and Peace.

What is it like to host nearly a thousand people on a global, year long read of a timeless classic? What is the experience adding to readers, from old time Tolstoy fans to first time readers? Is there a difference in the various translations?

This is spoiler free so regardless of where you are up to, or if you are saving this one for a rainy day (more like month), this is a broad, general chat to give you a flavour.

For those on the read along, apologies if I have misquoted anyone or not credited you for a moment of brilliance.

I am now going to sit in a quiet room and try to get that loading image erased out of my mind. C