BiblioreccsWe All know How This Ends by Anna Lyons & Louise Winter

We All know How This Ends by Anna Lyons & Louise Winter


Books have many powers of which no doubt you are aware, though I’ll list a few just because; they can provide us with a real sense of escapism, they can expand our horizons and they can make as laugh, cry, as well as all manner of things in between. They also have a unique ability to help us during some of the most difficult times we might face. 

Today, we are honoured to welcome the *incredible* @stacey_heale with a book recommendation that we should all take note of. Talented writer and mother of two gorgeous kids, Stacey lost her husband Greg only a matter of weeks ago. Ever since, she has managed to distil and describe her grief on her Insta page with a rawness, realism and power that we can all learn from. Indeed it is something we should all be grateful to her for because though we don’t tend to talk about loss, it is one of the only things in life we can be certain that we will experience. Read her moving recommendation below: 

‘We All Know How This Ends @lifedeathwhat is the most gentle but solid balm for the soul. Anna Lyons, an end of life doula and Louise Winter, a funeral director, have opened a beautiful conversation on what we will all experience – we will all die and have loved ones die before us and still, we are lacking in our ability to talk about these fundamental events guaranteed in our lives.

Anna speaks about end of life with calm reassurance, something that helped me when my husband Greg was dying a few weeks ago. Louise discusses the importance of funerals and celebrations as ritual after death. Going through the dying process with Greg showed me how ill equipped we are as a society and the words from this book gave me such solace. 

This is not a depressing book at all; in fact it is life affirming, painting a glorious picture of life being so much sweeter to enjoy when we understand the ending that is destined for us all. Anna. Louise and all the contributors are doing such important work.’

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