Easy ReadsWelcome To Her Majesty’s Coven by Juno Dawson

Welcome To Her Majesty’s Coven by Juno Dawson


Bounding into this Sundays bestseller lists at the casual slot of Number One in Hardback Fiction we have the first in a supernatural series from @junodawson which was released last Wednesday.

Five childhood friends join a covert government department that is formed to organise the witches in the country. This is magic mixed in with politics and friendship, with a large dose of pop culture references (the Spice Girls is a recurring topic).

Dawson writes as if she is breathlessly chatting to you like she is one of your best mates. It’s a very conversational and informal style of writing, it feels like fantasy for the masses, I can imagine it would appeal to teens as much as adults. 

However, even though it’s for the most part light, there is an element I found compelling which gave this story an importance. The witches are a matriarchal society, who embody female empowerment and progress. When one of the characters is revealed to be trans, we watch as reality is sadly reflected in fiction, with the alienation and outrage the character faces.

The witches have always been “othered”, they acutely know how it feels to be outsiders. And yet we see the coven polarised, questioning what it means to be a woman. Dawson uses this context to challenge and explore issues on gender, race, body positivity and sexuality which was a powerful element I wasn’t expecting ~ C.

Huge congrats to you Juno and to our divine friends at @harpervoyager_uk@natashabardon on getting that coveted number one.

Ad:PR ~ A proof copy of this book is featured with no contractual obligation to review attached.

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