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Weyward by Emilia Hart


It is very rare for me to be hooked on a book within minutes. This assured and slick novel had me transfixed completely by the prologue – you had me at first folio Macbeth reference. Published last month to huge excitement, it hit #2 in the Sunday Times & is currently perched at #8 in the NY Times. Well @emiliahartbooks – for a debut that’s pretty damn brilliant.

This is a magnificent and empowering blend of historical fiction, feminist thriller, and magical realism. Even if those are not your usual go to genres, this is the book to take you out of your comfort zone.

Altha is in a dungeon, accused of being a witch. Violet is a teenager, gasping to escape the confines of her overbearing, callous father, in mid WW2. Kate is being subjected to horrific abuse by her partner (who I wanted dead in approximately ten seconds of meeting him), her every move controlled in 2019 London. 

Three women yearning for freedom. Connected by threads that bind them to a powerful legacy. I have worked with many victims of domestic violence and I found Kate’s initial chapters so impactful. It is finely balanced, not too harrowing to take away from its huge commercial appeal. 

Hart is able to create atmosphere and an entire scene in mere sentences. I was easily transported between the three story lines, chapters are incisive and quick, giving you just enough to keep you hooked. This was cleverly executed, the element of magic comes in late so for the most part, Weyward feels like a very authentic multigenerational tale, with a hint of brewing energy in the background. 

The highest praise I can give this is that yesterday, having read it in an evening, I was mid virtual meeting when I stopped to appreciate the sounds of my garden. The birds. To see the green. These characters and their affinity to nature have seeped into my very soul.

@boroughpress@felicityblunt you have done it again. An absolute gem of a book. @emiliahartbooks I will read anything you write in the future. Thank you for making me notice the world around me .

Ad: PR Copy reviewed with no obligation associated (aka an honest review).

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