ContemporaryWhat A Shame by Abigail Bergstrom

What A Shame by Abigail Bergstrom


Today we shine our proverbial spotlight on a newly published book we completely and utterly adored (I think we both read it in one sitting). @abigailbergstrom is the most sophisticated writer and her debut novel ticks so many boxes. Achingly cool and reminiscent of Fleabag, it’s one of those word of mouth hits that is only going to gain more fans. 

Our picture of the book represents that moment of absolute shock our female protagonist experiences when her boyfriend, who is one of her main anchors in life, just leaves with no explanation. Mathilda, with no closure and going through further grief after the recent loss of her father, relies on her incredible, colourful array of friends as she becomes increasingly lost and depressed.

What a Shame explores so many themes, from intersectional feminism and the innate shame women carry from a patriarchal society constantly telling us what is bad, the fight to be heard and valued in the work place, the sacred and varied inter generational bonds of friendship, how we heal in the face of trauma and the impact from dysfunctional, complex familial relationships.

Mathilda tries some very unusual and eyebrow raising activities to try and heal giving moments of sheer hilarity and humour. This is a tale of heartbreak, self acceptance and the importance of community when things go wrong and it has garnered rave reviews in the press.

We are delighted to have had the chance to chat and bond with Abigail, so look out for our author interview coming tonight on IGTV. 

Thank you so much to @hodderbooks for sending us copies {Ad: PR Copy with no contractual obligation to review}

Order your copy of ‘What A Shame’ here.

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