BiblioreccsWhat White People Can Do Next by Emma Dabiri

What White People Can Do Next by Emma Dabiri


So thrilled to have Aileen recommending us one of her favourite books today. Her beloved account @tindertranslators is known for highlighting with wit and sarcasm the have to be seen to be believed tinder profiles that always come with a complimentary side dish of misogyny. Raising other social issues and giving us some moments of sheer hilarity, Aileen has a book, Tinder Translator coming out in December so watch this space! Check out her amazing recommendation which is an important title we both loved:

“I will never stop going on about What White People Can Do Next by @emmadabiri . Lending her incisive thinking and indepth expertise (both theoretical and historical) to the current discourses on anti-racism, Dabiri cuts across much of the sloganistic, memeification of activism with both sharpness and wit. I first listened on audiobook and found myself nodding along and “mmmhmm-ing” aloud alone in my kitchen! I had to get a hard copy, though because this a book I’ll refer back to again and again.

Early in the book, Dabiri states that the title itself is a provocation, rather than a simple instruction. It is an exercise in the power of naming whiteness. She goes on to demonstrate that race is a product of racism, not the other way round, and outline the limits of “allyship”. Her thoughtful, nuanced approach to this subject is especially relevant, I think, to anyone who spends a lot of time in social media spaces. This book has given me insights that reach beyond anti-racism work, too. Somehow, Dabiri does all this in 150 pages! 

P.S. Yes, I may have strategically placed some other recommendations in the back of this photo because it was so hard to choose!

Order your copy here.

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