BiblioreccsWhen I Close My Eyes by Jemma Wayne

When I Close My Eyes by Jemma Wayne


 @oliviajwayne is a woman of many talents. Former face of @skysports, she now has a portfolio presenting career from @sheerluxe to @wimbledonand everything in between. A super hardworking mother of two who somehow always looks effortlessly impeccable, she’s joining us today with a new book which she describes as the perfect summer read and we’re really excited to share her recommendation with you. We can’t wait to read it ourselves and let you know what we think.

“There are some non-negotiables that go into selecting a summer holiday read. It has to have suspense by the bucket (and spade) load, keep me so intrigued that I don’t notice we have sat on the tarmac for far longer than we should have, and I need to be so eager to know how it ends, that I squeeze in paragraphs, pages and chapters whenever I possibly can – especially during that post shower-towel-bed-pre-dinner chill time! This superb page-turner ticks every single box. I devoured it in a day (and torchlit night) and found the story, writing and premise intelligent, gripping and screaming to be made into a Netflix 4 part series! I’m a big fan of the author and this book provides exactly what it should – entertainment, excitement and escapism!”

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