Our ReviewsWhy Did You Stay? by Rebecca Humphries

Why Did You Stay? by Rebecca Humphries

Why am I screaming at this book in a fit of rage?

Page 363 was when I literally started shouting at full volume.

Let me paint the scene. I heard my lovely husband laughing – what’s funny I asked “oh it’s a really sad book from your shelves, about that woman who the comedian cheated on. She is funnier than him”. He isn’t a reader so I knew I had to check it out. 24 hours later & @beckshumps@taffyagent I owe you a public apology.

When I was sent this book by her fab publicist, I had reservations. I don’t watch strictly & questioned how this would keep my attention, she had a horrible experience, we all read about it in the daily mail, what more is necessary? Oh lord it’s FANTASTIC & I was so wrong.

I would like so many people to read it. Imagine what it must be like for your life to explode in front of the world. Rebecca gives us insight & so much more into those moments when her worst nightmare came true & her boyfriend was photographed kissing his dance partner.

She unpicks a society where finding fairytale love & marriage is always the goal in every film & book, where relationships are portrayed as the ultimate achievement which was incredibly thought provoking. Going back & forth into her relationship & the aftermath in short, sharp chapters kept the pace & this is written in a conversational way that makes you feel you are chatting to a best mate over drinks. 

The anecdotes are hilarious, endearing & shocking. She is unabashedly honest about many things including pursuing an acting career. Much is discussed about abuse societally but what about that behaviour which is a lot more subtle, the covert put downs that slowly erode your soul? What happens when you lose yourself trying to save a toxic love? Isn’t that what women are taught to do, to be selfless & petite?

For fans of Dolly Alderton, honestly run to get this. I loved it. C

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