ContemporaryWoman Eating by Claire Kohda

Woman Eating by Claire Kohda


I really, really loved this. It was nothing like I expected and took me completely by surprise. This isn’t plot heavy, nor does it in any way fit in with the normal vampire trope. This is a millennial, misanthropic, artsy, anxiety ridden debut by clairekohda that is all about the character development.

Lydia is a young, mixed-race vampire who has been raised by her mother, a self hating religious, Asian vampire. Now working in an art gallery with her own studio space, Lydia has to deal with incessant hunger, as she has never fed from a human. She has always wanted to try Japanese food, Sashimi, ramen, onigiri with sour plum stuffed inside – the food her Japanese father liked to eat but she physically can’t.

I found Lydia utterly relatable and fascinating, as she scrolls through Instagram and starts to meet new people, her vampirism could be compared to so many other physical or mental challenges. Her deep love of art gave the novel a brilliant basis to explore creativity and expression.

Food is a major theme and Koda deftly uses this as a tool to further dive into the importance of food to culture, family and identity which was masterful. Lydia had this animalistic, powerful side which was constantly fighting with the angst ridden, nervous human side and this was used to great affect when she is ironically treated terribly by some of the men around her, ironic as she could deal with them instantly.

Reading this felt like being in the very heart of a character in the key moments before they become the main protagonist in a plot heavy story. It was soulful, witty and imaginative but be warned you will immediately crave all manner of Asian cuisine. I could have read another 200 pages as the ending really left me wanting more, to follow her in the path she chose. Would read a sequel and watch the film ~ C

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