ContemporaryWriters And Lovers by Lily King

Writers And Lovers by Lily King

After some quite heavy reads this month, I welcomed the chance to read this novel by Lily King. A New York Times Bestseller, this book tells the story of Casey, a thirty-one year old aspirating writer who has been working on her book for six years. When two men arrive in her life at the same time — fellow aspiring writer, Silas and the older Oscar who himself is a successful author, recently widowed and with two children in tow — she has some decisions to make.

King is a truly talented writer and her love of the written word is so apparent. I loved her depiction of Casey’s waitressing job — the bustle of the kitchen, her clientele and her colleagues. What I enjoyed most about this book, though, was how real it was. Everything about it felt true and raw and though it’s quite a quiet book, it genuinely touched me with its subtle depth.

~ Sophie 

Any book @madeline.e.miller is quoted on is always going to be one I read (she calls Writers and Lovers “captivating and incisive”). This book is the @waterstones Fiction of the Month pick and is out in paperback.

This read was an amazing insight into the depths of debilitating grief and the trajectory of an aspiring writer’s journey in creating a book. King has a witty and observational style of writing. I found Casey, the main protagonist, illusive initially but the more that we learn about her the more I cared. Many will recognise the feelings of self doubt she espouses and her financial difficulties added to the realistic portrayal of the character. It is introspective and intimate, with both love interests believable and gradually becoming complex. I loved the many references to other books and classical literature as this gave a depth to the story. By the end you are rooting for Casey, who could be anyone of us – someone trying to find their way in a confusing and challenging world.

~ Chaya 

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