ContemporaryFailosophy by Elizabeth Day

Failosophy by Elizabeth Day

A little touch of pink on what is apparently Blue Monday. I suppose the positive about this particular day this year at least, is that after the monumental shocker that was 2020, it’s not really a big deal, is it?!

I, like most of us, had some quite tough challenges thrown my way last year and this beautiful book by @elizabday (who I basically want to be my best friend) really helped put things in perspective. I read it in about two hours one morning at 5am — both my girls had climbed into our bed at around 4 so I went downstairs into their bunk bed to devour it. Since then, I’ve kept it by my bed and I dip into it regularly. It’s a bit like a comfort blanket, when I start having a bit of a wobble!

Full to the brim with nuggets of wisdom, including some of the very best bits from the @howtofailpod (her interview with @camillathurlow is one of my all time favourites), it comes highly recommended from me to you. 

I’ll end with a quote that I’ve found hugely helpful:

‘… I’ve come to believe that there is no such thing as a future me. There is the me I am right now and I need to pay attention to her. That’s not to say forward planning is pointless, but unless you can actively contribute something to your future growth right now, there’s no point worrying about the things you can’t yet control. You’ll deal with your five-year future self when you get to meet her or him. The great possibility of the future lies in one simple fact; it hasn’t happened to us yet.’

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