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The pressure to be in love, to document & share the grandiose gestures of love sometimes get a bit much, particularly on social media. As wonderful as it is to celebrate our most important relationships, I always think about the people in my life that are made to feel incomplete today, & it always makes me furious.

I’m currently in Paris – this city is literally bedecked with V day paraphernalia. Whilst I am going to be in a land of fairytales brought to life, love is not always a Disney film (and don’t get me started on the whole princess requiring saving aspect of it all). 

Here are a selection of a few favourite books that explore love in a myriad of ways to fit all, from romantic novels to soul searching non fiction. Because love can be so many things. It’s the support you get from friends, the encouragement and care, sometimes from those in the periphery. It can be love that refuses to conform, & most importantly the love we feel for ourselves. 

Whether this day brings you joy, pain, or anything in between, we are thrilled to have you in our little spot of the web – C

Non fiction: 

All About Love ~ Bell Hooks: What is Love. Personal anecdotes with a psychological, philosophical angle. From an iconic feminist thinker. 
Conversations on Love ~ @natashachloelunn Personal narrative combined with a range of interviews, looking at love in all its forms. Speaks to the soul. We ran out of tabs. 
Everything I Know About Love ~ @dollyalderton One for a lot of laughs with some poignant elevated moments. Think Bridget Jones. Felt like a hug. 

The Forty Rules of Love ~ @shafakelif You will feel enveloped. 2 parallel stories centuries apart. Spiritual, written in a poetic, mystical prose. Magnificent. 
Detransition Baby ~ @torreyadora Love between a disparaged community, between lovers, & for ourselves. A Jaw on the floor book.
The Love Songs of W E DuBois ~ Honoree Fanonne Jeffers An epic tale of love & family from pre US civil war & slavery to the present. Powerful & compelling.
You Made A Fool of Death With Your Beauty ~ @azemezirebirthing love after loss. Run to buy it. 
Ugly Love ~ @colleenhoover obvs a hoover.

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